Card ★4 - Hypnobrai Rattle is a Special Edition Force-type Crown Card used in the Ninjago: Spinjitzu Spinners game.


Fire Symbol SP: 0

Lightning Symbol SP: 0

Earth Symbol SP: 0

Ice Symbol SP 300

Overall SP: 300

How to Use

When this card is put into play, you may add an extra spinner without a character to the arena. Spin it during every spin in addition to your normal spinner.


Crown Card: This card can only be played when there is a crown on your spinner. It remains in play until the crown is removed, at which point it is discarded.

Ice SP 300: To use this card, your Character Card's Ice SP must be greater than or equal to this card's Ice SP.


  • The artwork of this card is used on the cover of the book "Rise of the Serpentine."
  • The rattle Skales is using to hypnotize Kai does not appear on his minifigure. In the cartoon, it is smaller and the same shade of blue as the rest of his tail.