Card ★3 - Constrictai Grasp
Lego ninjago card constrictai grasp
Card Element Earth
Type Battle


Card Number ★3
Previous Card Card ★2 - ?
Next Card Card ★4 - Hypnobrai Rattle
This article is about the card. For the special ability of the Constrictai tribe, see here.

Card ★3 - Constrictai Grasp is a Special Edition Confuse-type Crown Card used in the Ninjago: Spinjitzu Spinners game.


Fire Symbol SP: 0

Lightning Symbol SP: 0

Earth Symbol SP: 300

Ice Symbol SP 0

Overall SP: 300

How to Use

Keep face up, discard if crown is removed, when both characters fall during any spin, the first player to grab the opponent's character wins.


Crown Card: This card can only be played when there is a crown on your spinner. It remains in play until the crown is removed, at which point it is discarded.

Earth SP 300: To use this card, your Character Card's Earth SP must be greater than or equal to this card's Ice SP.


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