The BorgWatch is a device created by Cyrus Borg.


Pythor's Revenge

When Dr. Saunders noticed that his thermostat had been destroyed during the events of Day of the Departed, he asked the Ninja to find a new one for him. The Ninja begged Cyrus Borg to allow them to use the BorgWatch prototype's thermodynamic temperature gauge as a substitute for Saunders' broken thermostat, to which he agreed so long as the Ninja kept it a secret and returned it intact for the big unveiling of the product. However, Pythor soon found the Ninja and stole the BorgWatch prototype from them, threatening to reveal it to the public. After chasing Pythor all over Ninjago City, the Ninja were eventually able to get back the watch and it worked as a suitable replacement for Saunders' thermostat.

The Hatching

Acronix, who had returned from being lost in the time vortex for 40 years, grew extremely fond of Ninjago's modern technology, especially the BorgWatch.


When the Time Twins found themselves lost en route to their secret lair, Acronix gloated that his BorgWatch had built-in GPS. However, he found himself unable to actually use it because there was no service.

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