An Absorbtion Crystal, just like Chronosteel, can strip a user of their Elemental Power. However, it can steal more than one element. If partnered up with Chronosteel, it allows Chronosteel to strip more powers and the crystal will be protected by the incredibly strong Chronosteel.

Absorption Crystal
Element Amber
All Elemental Powers (If the user/holder stolen all powers/abilities)
First Appearance Only One Can Remain (Staff of Elements)

The Day of the Dragon (In Cave of Orb Crystals)

Status Destroyed


  • Elemental Powers Stealth/Full Absorption/Stripping - The holder or user can steal other powers/abilities.
  • Power Mimicry - Once stripped an element(s) from its original master(s), it's user has the ability to use that element as much as desired.
  • .Energy Stealth/Full Absorption/Stripping - The holder can also absorb elemental energy(s).

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