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  • Morro Garmadon


    March 26, 2017 by Morro Garmadon


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  • Spongefan15

    I hate Ninjaball Run

    March 23, 2017 by Spongefan15

    If you do too tell me

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  • Matteso586

    From what we already know would appear in Season 7 at some capacity, here's who I think who else would make an appearance.

    • Chen (flashback)
    • Clouse (flashback)
    • Skylor
    • The unnamed Earth Elemental Master
    • Garmadon (flashback)
    • Morro's old classmates
    • Pythor
    • Samukai (flashback)
    • The Great Devourer (flashback)

    That's all I could think of. Who do you have in mind?

    Edit: Forgot to add the Devourer.

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  • Crystalninja


    January 24, 2017 by Crystalninja

    blah blah blah just to get the badge

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  • Matteso586

    Would it be awesome if it was adapted into a video game? If it happens, here are some playable characters I have in mind.

    • Kai
    • Cole (ghost)
    • Jay
    • Zane (Titanium Ninja)
    • Nya (Water Ninja)
    • Sensei Wu
    • Lloyd (Green Ninja)
    • Misako
    • Ronin
    • Sensei Wu (Golden Mech)

    • Flintlocke
    • Dogshank
    • Clancee
    • Doubloon
    • Monkey Wretch
    • Clouse (ghost)
    • Shadow Sensei Wu

    • Fisherman
    • Pythor (normal & bleached)
    • Garmadon (Serpentine War, lord, sensei, & Anacondrai)
    • Skylor
    • Master Chen
    • Cole
    • Nya (civilian 1, civilian 2, & Samurai X)
    • Dr. Saunders
    • Sensei Yang (ghost)
    • Morro
    • Soul Archer

    Same as the graphic novels. But in case they are not long enough to be the usual 14 levels, perhaps a couple of extra content, and extended moments.

    The returning characters from Shadow of Ronin would retain their unique abilities. Such a…

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  • JusticeLady


    January 19, 2017 by JusticeLady

    It is I, justice! 

    Quick update for today: JOIN THE WEEBJAGO CULT

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  • SpitBrix


    Who are your favorite minifigures from Ninjago? Comment below!

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  • DawnBlade48Nova


    December 5, 2016 by DawnBlade48Nova

    If you have any questions about what I think about Ninjago, feel free to ask!

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  • Morrolord98


    October 31, 2016 by Morrolord98


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  • Beethoven4ever

    Wu or Garmadon?

    September 30, 2016 by Beethoven4ever

    Who makes for a more appealing character to you?

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  • Moonlight Breeze

    SET IMAGES?!?!?

    September 13, 2016 by Moonlight Breeze

    If some admin scrambles across this, don't delete it. It's for one of my friends.

    HoT cover art:



    Fusion Suits: 

    And good day to you all..

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  • OverlordRocks

    Could I be an Admin?

    September 8, 2016 by OverlordRocks

    I was just curious if I could be an admin or if I'm to much of a pain, if I'm not to much of a pain, I'd love to be an admin.

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  • Starscream7

    I Need Your Support

    September 4, 2016 by Starscream7

    I've been a member of this Wiki for several years, in the last year I've been contributing more often and a few weeks ago I became the head of the NinjagoWikiTV YouTube channel. Some of you may know me on YouTube as LordStarscream100.  I'm a filmmaker, and since late 2013 I've been working on a live-action Ninjago series. The third and final film, "Age of the Golden Master", is currently in production. And something special is on the horizon. 

    Voice actor Brent Miller, who voices Zane in the Ninjago TV show, has a YouTube channel and recently commenced a contest. He will be selecting two YouTube channels, based on how many votes they receive in the contest video's comments, for whom he will voice act in their Ninjago series! YouTubers DTina…

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  • Nike2556


    August 5, 2016 by Nike2556

    Hello all

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  • Varanopode

    In the German Wikia-Community, the wild berry soup from Ninjago made it into a Wikia contest.

    We call on all visitors and editors of the Ninjago wikis to participate in the new wiki competition and vote for the wild berry soup! Click here for the competition:

    The wild berry soup can be found in the voting box at the top right.

    We appreciate every vote for the wild berry soup!

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  • Nike2556

    energy dragon

    July 30, 2016 by Nike2556
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  • Master of speed and mind
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  • Nike2556


    July 30, 2016 by Nike2556

    oh yeah!

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  • OverlordRocks

    I just wanted to know

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  • Ninja23461


    July 27, 2016 by Ninja23461


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  • Snowpanther

    I personally think that the Cursed Realm didn't die since Clouse got out and he was a ghost... but what happened to Garmadon? 

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  • EpicElijah


    July 17, 2016 by EpicElijah

    So there are two pages on Magic, magic and dark magic. Is there any difference? The people who are listed as using magic, but not dark magic, are Garmadon, who we have confirmed did use dark magic, and Lloyd, Chope, and Kapau, who all used Clouse's spellbook which we know is also dark magic. Also, Nadakhan and Khanjakhan are on the list, but do they actually use magic, or is it just part of them? The ghosts have special, "magic-like" abilities, but they don't use magic.

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  • Emmett113

    Okay so since Chen succesfully conjured the transformation spell in season 4 we have not seen Skylor use her elemental powers...

    When she helped Jay and the others in season 7 she did not use her powers, even though she could have absorded Jays power and later on the others. I guess this means she lost her elemental power?

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  • OverlordRocks

    There is no reason why you needed to block the page. The name of the season IS Day of the departed, you're just being stuburn.

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  • WhoamI132

    Wanna be friends?

    June 25, 2016 by WhoamI132

    You seem like a nice guy, and you have a good personality.

    So Waddayasay?

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  • OverlordRocks

    Why do people hate Morro so much? Is it because he's a 20 year old that was sad that he wasn't the green ninja? I thought he was more interesting than the Overlord, cause the Oveelord was a generic dark lord with no character.

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  • OverlordRocks

    So I'm quite confused. I know Yang is going to bring the villains back but how?!. Are the Ninja gonna go back in time and fight them? Or are they going to fight the statue of the villains at the new museum? Is that what Yang's lantern is for?! And what are the weapons the villains have?!, comon' guys! Let's put our heads together and fire this out!. Clues:

    1. New Exhibit at Ninjago Museum Of History with statues of past villains with their respective weapons of that season.

    2. Transparent green weapons of the seasons 2, 3, 4, and five 5, and the pilot episodes.

    3. Yang is leading them

    4. Green transparent lantern with a black dragon, somewhat like the dragon on the back of Sensei Wu on the lantern.

    5. On one of the Wu Cru missions it says the …

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  • Moncon

    dark 4

    May 20, 2016 by Moncon

    hi i moncon make custom sets my own me in my sets is dark 4 a killer ninja who works with ronin                                           he look like that guy just with epic powers

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  • Vegeta10000

    the Top 10 Elemental Masters:

    • Lloyd (1st)
    • Skylor (2nd)
    • Zane (3rd)
    • Kai (4th)
    • Jay (5th)
    • Shade (6th)
    • Neuro (7th)
    • Griffin Turner (8th)
    • Chamille (9th)
    • Cole (10th)

    the Average Elemental Masters:

    • Paleman (11th)
    • Jacob Pevsner (12th)
    • Tox (13th)
    • Ash (14th)
    • Gravis (15th)
    • Karlof (16th)
    • Bolobo (17th)
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  • EpicElijah

    Does anyone know the screen times of Overlord (either season 2 or 3) and Morro? I don't want to start a Overlord versus Morro debate here, I just want some information about them.

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  • OverlordRocks

    Xbacvjcdu hc

    May 15, 2016 by OverlordRocks


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  • Brick360

    Ok, I'm new here and this is my first blog but can somebody at least tell me that Lego actually confirm that the Ninjago video game, Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin non-canon to the series.

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  • OverlordRocks

    So I was wondering what "Time to close the circle" meant in the new poster that came out, does anyone have any ideas?

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  • OverlordRocks

    So I and some other people noticed that the term "Ethereal Divide" and "Ethereal Realm" we're used. Some person made a theory that the Ethereal Divide has some sort of connection to season 7. But what ,if any, connection is this?.

    I was thinking that maybe villains whose souls and some villains whose bodies were destroyed, were sent to this void, and the new season 7 weapons are what are used to extract them from this void. But since Pythor (Who is now good) is evil in this season, I think it's something more cryptic. Maybe this ethereal void is where past events are sent, kind of like an archive of past outcomes. Idk but what do you guys think?.

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  • OverlordRocks

    So in the newly released "Tall Tale of Sqiffy and Bucko" it reveals that Nadakhan met them and thought they would make good pirates and then started making them do things so they would be better pirates. But in the episode "Wishmasters", Flintlocke brought Sqiffy and Bucko (Who were modern civilians), to Nadakhan who decided to name them Sqiffy and Bucko, and didn't want them bothering him cause he was busy recostructing Djinjago. So which background is true? And it also makes me question the other tall tales.

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  • MrSpector


    April 27, 2016 by MrSpector

    So today i watched season 6 on cartoon network YAAAAY! 

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  • GreenGhostNinja1998


    April 25, 2016 by GreenGhostNinja1998

     Have fun!

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  • OverlordRocks
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  • OverlordRocks

    So at the end of episode 64, they zoom out the camera and in front of the sun you can see Yang's temple is still floating. Hmmmm what could this mean? That Jay's last wish had consequences or........ Yang has "Power over it!". What do you guys think?

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  • OverlordRocks

    So at the beginning of the episode "The Titanium Ninja", The Overlord walks out with a metal cane and asks Pythor if they've melted down the Golden Weapons, Pythor replies that they have, and the Golden Armor is ready for his evil bidding, but the thing is, it looked like he was already wearing it. Was he wearing two or something?

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  • GreenGhostNinja1998

    Ninjago was a major part of my child hood and even as a teenager I still like everything about it. NINJAGOOOOO!!

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  • OverlordRocks

    So I'm very confused about this guy?. When Djinjago was destroyed and he got all angry, was that all a buff or did he actually want infinite wishes to not only get revenge on the ninja but to be a selfish little brat aswell?. Obviously his selfishness went as far as banishing his crew

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  • OverlordRocks

    So I was just wondering if when he acquired infinite wishes if he could wish to harm, for love, or for more wishes?

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  • OverlordRocks

    So guys I'm really impatient here (Other people too) to find out what the plot to season 7 is. Especially since it's not coming out until August/September. First let's look at the facts.

    Special Weapons of this season:

    Ghostly Green Elemnetal Blade on black hilt Ghostly Green Jade Blade on a black hilt Ghostly Green Aeroblade attached to a ghostly green chain that is stacked to a black hilt Ghostly Green Unknown Skulkin Weapon on a black hilt Ghostly Green Technoblade on a green chain on a hilt Ghostly Green Serpentine Staff on a black hilt

    Hmmmm very interesting.... Maybe these weapons are possibly used to resurrect villains?.

    Special Main Object: Sensei Yang's Lamp (A transparent green lamp with a black dragon imprinted in the center of it. …

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  • Caleb Vega


    March 23, 2016 by Caleb Vega

    This article is about the element of smoke, and people think that smoke is very deadly and their right, but smoke is not that deadly because it doesn't make the fire worse it'll just go through it, and no I'm not talking about tobacco smoke(that's super deadly) I'm talking about the that comes out of water, electronic devices and it even comes out of cars . As you can see on the picture it shows ash using the power of smoke to disappear from the fight. So that's it for now,( life is like a vapor it appears then its gone).

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  • OverlordRocks

    I was just wondering the destiny writers made it so that Clouse found the Teapot of Tyrahn. And also, if they intended for Nadakhan to gain infinite wishes?.

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  • OverlordRocks

    So all through out Possession we see the Ninja being able to physically fight the ghosts, but how?. Like how did Lloyd kick Moro into that green window at the beginning of episode 54?.

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  • EeveeWonders

    So this morning I'm watching Steven Universe and DYING for new episodes to come since I need my Peridot fuel to live. So I'm checking my TV guide, going two weeks into the future (I guess I would say XD), ladedadeda, to look for new episodes, which I don't find. However, I stop on Thursday the 24th (of March). It says that there's a new Ninjago episode, and it even has a synopsis similar to Infamous's. It even has the word PIRATES in it.

    So I guess you all know what that means...

    Ninjago Skybound starts in two weeks! I checked two of my favorite YouTubers' channels for this as well just to make sure (the YouTubers are Lego Ninjago Fan and The Ryan and Davyd Show) and they each have news on this, too. So I guess it's official.

    Oh boy, can't wait…

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  • EpicElijah

    So before time had a name The FSM and the Overlord had their massive battle. A couple things bugged me about their battle.

    So to turn the tide the Overlord made the Stone Army, who were invincible. How could you make something more powerful than you? Also, he could've done it sooner and saved a lot of time fighting.

    And if the Overlord and FSM were so even then how come the FSM was unable to make his own army?

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  • Sepublic22

    So I've heard this discussion quite a bit on the Lego Messageboards, being an avid member myself, and it's got me thinking- Alongside Chima, should we just go ahead and call Knighton one of the Sixteen Realms?

    Aside from the fact that it's insistently referred to as a realm (which could, of course, just be medieval terminology), we've seen several connections between Chima and Knighton. For example, in episode 3, the Fortrex has the Chi Temple and Eris programmed into its database as holograms for the training area. One could argue that it's nothing more than a cameo/easter egg, but it does make you think. Anyhow, if Knighton IS confirmed to be connected with Chima, then that would make it one of the Sixteen Realms.

    Also, on a lesser note, s…

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