(The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu with Zane approaching Master Wu, who's wearing a new kimono.)

Zane: Ooh, Sensei Wu. Your kimono is most extraordinary.

Master Wu: Thank you, Zane. Yes, it is quite extraordinary. Its symbols act as a protection spell against evil. But ultimately, it serves to remind me of the night that Garmadon was cast into the Underworld.

(A flashback shows a teenage Garmadon trying to steal the four Golden Weapons while a teenage catches him in the act.)

Wu: I'm afraid those are for display only.

Garmadon: Hmm...tell me, what good is a weapon if all it's used for collecting dust?

Wu: Don't be a fool! Father warned that their power's beyond anyone man...

Garmadon: (cutting Wu off) Father was the fool!!

Wu: How dare you speak so lowly of father! We made him a promise. These weapons shall not leave this Monastery!

Garmadon: Then I shall destroy it, and all who stand in my way!

(The fight commences as Garmadon uses the Sword of Fire to attack Wu, who fortunately used his bamboo stick to protect himself as the fireball deflects to the rest of the Golden Weapons. Wu then picks up the Scythe of Quakes and the Shurikens of Ice while Garmadon wields the Sword of Fire and the Nunchucks of Lightning. The fight commences outside after Wu used the power of the Scythe of Quakes to knock down Garmadon.)

Wu: Put those weapons down!

Garmadon: You mean like this?

(As Garmadon tries to put down Wu, Wu defends himself with the weapons he is holding. The combined power of the four weapons ends up summoning a dark thunderstorm with Garmadon gaining the upper hand.)

Garmadon: (preparing to kill Wu) Goodbye, brother.

Wu: Garmadon! Do not do this!

(As Garmadon is about to slash Wu with the Sword of Fire, the symbols on Wu's kimono start glowing and the reflection of the light reaches the clouds, which causes a bolt of lightning to strike Garmadon, charring his skin in the process and makes him fall to the Underworld.)

Wu: (trying to save Garmadon from his demise but fails) No!!!

Sensei Wu: (back to reality) After Garmadon's fall, the balance of the elements restored and Ninjago enjoyed many years of peace.

Jay: (riding the Lightning Dragon (now named Wisp)) Woo hoo! Sensei, look! No hands!

Zane: (after noticing the way Jay was riding his dragon) Apparently, those days are over.

Master Wu: (laughs) More or less.

(The episode ends.)

For the information of this episode, click here.

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