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Battle Between Brothers is the last of six Mini-Movies, taking place between the pilot episodes of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the first episode of the first season.


Ninjago Mini-Movie 6 Battle Between Brothers02:00

Ninjago Mini-Movie 6 Battle Between Brothers

The full episode.

Zane notices Master Wu wearing a new black kimono and tells him it is “most extraordinary.” Wu thanks Zane explaining that it has powers against evil; more importantly, it reminds him of the day Garmadon was banished to the Underworld.

A flashback shows a young Garmadon stealing the Golden Weapons from their stands. A young Wu tells him the Golden Weapons are for display, but Garmadon, with red eyes, replies “Tell me, brother, what good is a weapon if all it's used for is collecting dust?” Wu tells him not to be a fool only for Garmadon to snap back, exclaiming that their father was the fool.

Wu and Garmadon then battle over the Weapons, with the former using the Shurikens of Ice and the Scythe of Quakes and the latter using the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Dragon Sword of Fire. A thunderstorm rolls in as Garmadon tries to strike the final blow on his brother. Just before he can attack, Wu's kimono glows and a bolt of lightning strikes, charring Garmadon's body and dropping him into the Underworld.

As the flashback ends, Sensei Wu tells Zane that there were many years of peace after Garmadon's downfall. At that moment, Jay soars overhead on the back of the Lightning Dragon, prompting Zane to quip that those days appear to be coming to an end.



  • This episode explains how Lord Garmadon got his dark, un-dead appearance - being struck by lightning.
  • This episode's structure is similar to “An Underworldly Takeover,” with a Ninja having a conversation with Sensei Wu that leads to a flashback explaining some of the show's backstory.
  • Sensei Wu's appearance in this episode is based on the "special" Sensei Wu minifigure available in some early Ninjago sets.
  • The “special” kimono worn by Sensei Wu is later worn by the purified Garmadon at the end of “Rise of the Spinjitzu Master,” albeit with silver writing.


For the transcript of this episode, click here.

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