You will never be one of us, because you're a liar, a cheat, and an IMPOSTER!!!”
Arcturus and his generals cursing Chen's Army

The Anacondrai Generals were the original leaders of the Anacondrai. They led the Anacondrai and the Serpentine into battle, thus starting the First Serpentine War when they heard from Chen and Clouse the the humans are planning to attack them. When the Elemental Masters defeated the Serpentine and banished them into tombs. The Anacondrai Generals were banished to the Cursed Realm by Garmadon. The Anacondrai Generals are led by General Arcturus.

After Chen started the Second Serpentine War, Garmadon, knowing that the only way to stop them was to unleash the spirits of the Anacondrai Generals by sacrificing himself into the Cursed Realm. Once completed, the generals were freed and began helping the people by cursing Chen's imposter Anacondrai Army. After this was done the generals thanked both Pythor for making them proud by restoring him to his size and Garmadon's son Lloyd for helping his father free them and for doing what they never could do: uniting the Serpentine and humans as one before departing to the Departed Realm.