(The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu with Cole entering a room where Sensei Wu is drinking his tea.)

Cole: Sensei...I've been thinking.

Sensei Wu: Yes?

Cole: (curious) How did Garmadon gain control over the Underworld's Skeleton Army?

Sensei Wu: Hmm...Garmadon and I were brothers and the best of friends, but then he turned, and fell.

(In a flashback, Garmadon is shown to be fighting Wu, but gets charred and falls to the Underworld.)

Garmadon: (after falling to the Underworld) I curse you, Wu! I will be back one day and the Weapons of Spinjitzu will be mine!!

(a group of skeleton warriors surround him while Samukai approaches him)

Samukai: Well, if it isn't Garmadon. My my, how you've changed. Where is your pathetic broher, Wu?

Garmadon: (in retaliation) That name no longer holds any meaning to me!

Samukai: That may be, but I knew your sorry bones would find a way into my domain one day. (wielding daggers) Guess what, it's payback time!

Garmadon: (agreeing with Samukai) You're right. It is payback time.

Samukai: You dare challenge me!?!

Garmadon: Oh, but I do!

Samukai: You fool! I will crush you!

Garmadon: We'll see about that!

(A fight between the two commence.)

Samukai: (infuriated) Time to end this charade!

Garmadon: Indeed!

(Garmadon uses Spinjitzu to defeat and dethrone Samukai.)

Garmadon: I think there'll be some changes in management around here. (wears Samukai's helmet and laughs evilly)

(Back in reality, Sensei Wu is shaken about the flashback Cole reminded him of.)

Cole: So how did Garmadon gain control over the Underworld?

Sensei Wu (diverting the flashback) I don't know. I expect they just sat down and agreed over a nice cup of tea.

(The episode ends.)

For the information of this episode, click here.

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