Abilities Power Replication
First Appearance The Invitation
Status Used

Amber is a secondary element in Ninjago. It is generally associated with the color orange and corresponds to the Elemental Amber Dragon.

Users' Abilities

  • Power Replication/Absorption/Mimicry - It allows the user to copy the elements of other Elemental Masters, resulting in an orange energy flow running up their arm as Skylor did to Kai and the other Elemental Masters.
    • Ability Training - The user can copy other powers/abilities simply by learning how to use them.
    • Attack Recording - The user can use this ability to gather/record an attack from an opponent and use that attack as their own. When recording the attack, the attack is negated in the process, and once the user has recorded the attack, they may be able to use that attack as many times as the they want.
    • Power Stripping/Stealth/Full Absorption - As performed by Chronosteel, Staff of Elements and the Time Blades that were forged from Chronosteel, it has the power to drain/steal the power of the Elemental Master, rendering the master a normal person. This happened when Wu and Garmadon stripped Acronix and Krux of their powers using the Chronosteel-forged Time Blades, or when Chen used his staff to steal Elemental Powers.
    • Soul Absorption - As performed by the Djinn Blade or Teapot of Tyrahn, it can absorb someone's soul. The Blade is able to use the victim's Elemental Power, if any.
    • Elemental Power Stopping - As performed by Vengestone, it stops the powers of those who are chained to it. If freed, he/she can use his/her powers.


  • Amber has the same powers of Chen's Staff of Elements, only except Skylor replicates elements and Chen's Staff steals elements.
  • Using the power of Amber, Skylor was able to replicate every Elemental Masters' element. However, only the replication of Fire, Sound, Shadow, Ice, and Form are shown.
  • The elemental symbol of Amber is 六, which means 6 in Mandarin.
  • Chronosteel has the element of Amber, which gives it an ability to absorb, and even steal Elemental Powers.

Notable Users




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