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Morro using Airjitzu

Airjitzu (or Cyclon-Do, as it is referred by Jay) is a martial arts technique that was created by Master Yang. It involves the user tapping into their innate elemental energies while spinning rapidly, creating a tornado-like vortex of energy around themselves which also allows them to levitate over land.

It is similar to Spinjitzu, but the exact relation between the two martial arts is unclear.


Airjitzu grants the user the ability to fly in a small vortex of a specific element and color around themselves in the form of a single, short burst for under ten seconds.

Notable Uses

Kingdom Come

The four Ninja used Airjitzu to ascend the tallest tower in Cloud Kingdom to retrieve the Sword of Sanctuary. Morro then used Airjitzu to escape from the Ninja who also used Airjitzu to pursue.

Later after Kai secured the Sword of Sanctuary, he used Airjitzu to reach the Destiny's Bounty 2.0.


After Lloyd manged to break the Ninja free, he, Kai, Zane, and Jay (who carried Nya) used Airjitzu to escape "The Hole."

My Dinner With Nadakhan

Briefly, Nya uses Airjitzu to escape the worm creatures.

The Way Back

After Jay made his final wish for the Teapot of Tyrahn to have never be found, the six Ninja uses Airjitzu.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 1

After Jay and Nya were knocked off the Destiny's Bounty by an unnatural storm they used Airjitzu to safely land on the Dark Island. The two would later use Airjitzu to battle a Leviathan.

When Wu and Lloyd fell into quicksand after being chased by a pack of gorillas, Wu used Airjitzu to pull them out.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 2

Under the influence of Dark Matter, Lloyd used Airjitzu to hop from the Destiny's Bounty onto the mainland.

Day of the Departed

Cole used Airjitzu to fly up to the Temple of Airjitzu.

When Zane was confronted by Cryptor, he attempted to use Airjitzu to escape.

When the Rift of Return opened, Yang attempted to use Airjitzu to fly towards it. However, Cole used Airjitzu to catch up with him and the two fell back to the Temple.

Airjitzu Users

Types of Airjitzu


  • All of the Ninjas' Airjitzu appear to be blue whereas Morro appears to have a green Airjitzu.
    • In "Curseworld, Part II," it is shown that the Airjitzu of the Ninja turned to their element's colors. This indicates that someone with an active elemental power will have an Airjitzu technique the same color as their element, as the Ninja were without their powers in previous episodes.
    • In "Curseworld, Part I," Lloyd used his Airjitzu for the first time. It was still green because he had experienced Morro use Airjitzu with his body.
  • Wrayth never uses Airjitzu in the TV series despite him having a LEGO flyer.
  • In "My Dinner With Nadakhan," Nya learned Airjitzu for the first time.


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