853687 Ninjago Accessory Pack is a Ninjago battle pack, featuring an assortment of Elemental Masters from Tournament of Elements. The set was released in early March 2017. 

The battle pack includes Skylor, Shade and Ash. Skylor wears her robes from Skybound, while Shade and Ash are based off of their appearances in Tournament of Elements. This is also the fourth Ninjago battle pack, and the first not to include any of the Ninja.


  • Although Skylor and Ash have a cowl and mask, respectively, their hair pieces are also included in the set. 
  • Ash wears one of the original Ninja masks, although he doesn't wear it in the show. He is the third character besides the Ninja to wear such a mask, following Lil' Nelson and Yang's Students
  • The box art of the set features Yang's Temple in the distance; this was used for the Day of the Departed sets, although this battle pack was released with the Hands of Time sets. 
  • This is the first set to feature Ash and Shade, and the second set to feature Skylor
  • Despite not wielding one in the show, Skylor carries a bow and arrow in this set. Shade also wields two katanas, a butterfly sword and a shield, none of which he wields either.