853544 Ninjago Accessory Set
Set Number 853544
Minifigs Zane
Two Sky Pirate Foot Soldiers
Number of Pieces 36
Price (USD) $14.99
VIP Points Earned 14
Previous Set Unknown
Next Set Unknown
853544 Ninjago Accessory Set is a LEGO Ninjago set released in June 2016. It includes four exclusive minifigures - Zane in his Tournament of Elements robe, Nya in a new Samurai X outfit, and two Sky Pirate foot soldiers who have not been released in any other sets. The set also includes various different weapons for the minifigures to wield.


Team up with Tournament Zane and Samurai X to take on the sky pirate foot soldiers with this awesome LEGO® NINJAGO™ Accessory Set! A great gift for fans of LEGO NINJAGO building sets, the 4 included minifigures are armed with an array of cool weapons and accessories to play out epic battles.


  • This is the third Ninjago accessory set, following the release of 850632 Samurai Accessory Set in 2013 and 851342 Ninja Army Building Set in 2015.
    • The first set does not include any exclusive minifigures, while the second set includes two exclusive Ghost Warriors. All the minifigures in this set are exclusive to it. 
  • This is the first set to feature Zane in his Tournament of Elements robe. While it is not known if the suit is canon, it sparks the theory that Zane's body remained intact following his ordeal with the Golden Master, and portions of his body were scarred - before he would take on his fully-metallic form that is introduced in season four. 
  • Unlike Zane, whose outfit bears some reference to the show and its characters - Nya has not yet worn the suit that is featured in this set. 

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