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5000030 Kendo Jay Promotional Set
Set Number 5000030
Number of Pieces 31
Price (USD) Free
VIP Points Earned N/A
Previous Set N/A
Next Set N/A

5000030 Kendo Jay Booster pack is an exclusive promo Ninjago set. It was available as a Exclusive that you got free if you paid $75 or more on LEGO Shop or at a LEGO store in January 2012. It includes thirty-one pieces total, including one minifigure (Kendo Jay), eight normal weapons, one golden weapon, one exclusive spinner crown but no spinner, and an exclusive 3-D lenticular character card, but no Battle cards.

Weapons and Accessories included

  • A Black Battle Axe
  • A Pitchfork
  • A Blue-Tipped Spear.
  • A Blue-Tipped Staff.
  • A Blue Hammer.
  • A Double-bladed Blue Scythe.
  • A lightning spinner crown.


  • Though this is the smallest promotional set, it contains the second most weapons in all spinners and booster packs, second to 9591 Weapon Pack.
  • It includes an exclusive lightning crown.
  • It also includes the exclusive Kendo Jay card.


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